where are we?

137, Gran de Gracia Street; next to Sant Gervasi neighborhood and in front of the Fontana station. Take the metro, the train, a bus or just come bicing, the stop is right behind the office.

Gran de Gracia Coworking: Gran de Gracia, 137 1º 1ª A (Barcelona)


 Car Park

at 0 min.

L3 Fontana 
(behind the office)
at 0 min.

22, 24, 87, 114, V17 &  N4 
(behind the office)

at 0 min.


at 5 min.

at 1 min. 

Bretón de los herreros street
behind the office -
at 10 min.
L5 Diagonal 
 at 1 min.
27, 32, 
22, 24, 87, 114, y  N4 
at 8 min.
 Pl. Molina & Sant Gervasi stops
 Rbla. del Prat street - behind the office -

"Gracia"  any better area in Barcelona?

The former Villa de Gracia is a central area of ​​Barcelona where you can find both narrow and quiet streets as we as the bustle of the people in squares and shops.

We propose to come and work with us, meet other professionals, entertain and enhance your customers.

But you can also take advantage of this neighborhood; if you want to work after a break, keep your stuff in the locker, leave the office and walk down Gran de Gracia. Stroll about the shop windows that you will find on either side of the road, enjoy international brands or find an alternative store that just opened. And if you ever have the time and have more obligations than you can remember, take advantage of the lunch break to make your everyday purchases, fill the fridge, go to the gym or go to the movies with a friend to see the premiere commented: is just around the corner.