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If you are self-employed or do you work in Barcelona? This is your coworking office!

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Coworking in Barcelona

Either if you are self-employed or you own a small business; if you are an advertiser, a designer, a programmer or a community manager; if you are a writer, a translator, a journalist or a nutritionist... no matter if your profession ends by -ist or not, you'll find your own work place in Gran de Gracia Coworking.

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In Gran de Gracia Coworking we work for sole traders like you to have the infrastructure, services and advantages at the level or greatest corporations with the lowest cost possible. 


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We believe in the added value that coworking means for freelancers belonging to different sectors sharing the same office: It makes free interaction and communication easier with other professionals, increases networking, encourages social relations and opens the door to business collaboration. Gran de Gracia Coworking offers you freestyle, central and optimum coworking space according to your needs.