Rates & prices

Find the best combination of space, services and price that better fits your needs of a coworking space

Why paying more? 150 €*

If you usually work with your laptop, have clear ideas of the space you need and use very little paper, this is your coworking space! take advantage of Gran de Gracia coworking services at best prices.

coworking in gracia

“I like working here” 230 €*

If you like working with a big desk, drawers to keep your things and review documents with a good lightning, this is your place.

coworking in barcelona

Meeting rooms from 7,5 €*

…lights, camera, action! If you want a quite working space and to satisfy your clients, book a room per hours, do your presentations and get the best results.

meeting rooms in barcelona

Meeting room. Prices per hour:

  • Coworkers:                   Free
  • No coworkers:              15  + VAT
  • 10 or 20 hours pack:    7,5 € / hour + VAT

Other services (get prices upon demand)

If you want to step forward in your business, we will advice you about:

  • Business coaching
  • Marketing consultancy
  • Fiscal consultancy
  • Commercial consultancy

Other work services

Tell us what you need and we will look for the best way to make your coworking space a customized space. 

  • Printer/scanner/fax 
  • Land-line telephone 
  • Direct billing