A coworking day in GdG

8:15  I got up in time, I had some breakfast at home and I've done everything I had to do before going to work. Incredible, I’m on time! I grab my things and leave home. I feel good and I have no excuses, today I will bike to work :-)

I can feel the cool, dense air of the morning through the streets and I get more excited while pedaling. As the city gradually regained its pulse, I relax watching the buildings’ façades and soon I arrive at my destination. I leave the bike at the bicing stop and go up to the office.

I great colleagues, get my material from the locker, turn on my laptop, leave the Tupperware in the fridge and prepare a Nespresso. What better way to start the day? - Yes, I share this moment with another early riser.

8:55   I sit at my desk, I open the book and planned the morning: half an hour to phone calls, a meeting with a client and the rest free to continue working. Fast forward, I'm focused and I already got a lot done, do I work better here?

After a couple of hours I want to rest a bit and looked up: the office has been filled and Juan is not here yet. I take a drink from the fridge and I meet the new girl in the corner table.

- Sorry, what's your name?
- Berta.


we go to the terrace. she tells me that she recently moved to Barcelona and could not find a place to do her translations. "Working at home is very hard, you have no schedule." She is nice and I think it will help me with some texts that I have to prepare. Great! A break, relax and we also do business. Not bad this coworking!


a customer  is at the door without previous notice –he always does the same. He accommodated in the reception while I prepare some papers to enter the meeting room, we need confidentiality.

12:55 The morning is coming to an end and I leave the office to meet with a supplier. It is far, Plaza de España but having the metro at the office door saves you time and energy.

14:05 Back at the office, I heat my lunch and I eat with Juan that has already arrived. He tells me about his morning, I cast mine and we laugh. Two hours of work and will have finished my day.


since  it is 6 o’clock I leave early, I go to a small terrace in Gracia and call a friend while I see some tourists sitting around me. We meet in a corner and walk Gran de Gracia standing in front of a store from time to time, this street is a boulevard!

It was a good day, I worked, made contacts and had fun. How will it be tomorrow?

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