Areas and atmosphere

Coworking spaces

Coworking Barcelona 

Standard coworking room:

‘I like working here'. If you like working with a big desk, drawers to keep your things and review documents with a good lightning, this is your place.

coworking in barcelona

Balcony lounge

Fancy a break? stand up, invite someone to go out to the balcony with you, disconnect and come back renewed. And if you prefer so, grab something to eat, choose your terrace and rest your sight looking at people walking by Gran de Gracia.

Coworking Gracia 

Basiccoworking room:

Why paying more? If you usually work with your laptop, have clear ideas of the space you need and use very little paper, this is your coworking space! take advantage of Gran de Gracia coworking services at best prices.

Coworking in Gracia

Hall / Reception

Did your customer arrive 10 minutes before? Never mind! receive and install them in a nice and comfortable place while you get all you need for the meeting.

coworking in barcelona

Meeting rooms

…lights, camera, action! If you want a quite working space and to meet your clients appropriately, book a room, do your presentations and get the best results.

meeting rooms in barcelona

Office kitchen

Smell and taste a good coffee, get a break. Any other better way to start your day? Keep a snack in the fridge and heat it before you eat it. Have your lunch in company; best ideas always come along when your stomach is full and when you are in good company.